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Questions for 96 A4Q owners

I've had the privilege to test drive an A4Q on 2 occasions--one day drive
and one night drive.  Quite impressive.  I like my dealer--he handed me the
keys to one with 14 miles on it and said "Go find a gravel or dirt road and
try it out."  After insuring that he wasn't joking, I took him up on the
offer.  Tight donuts in gravel just to see where it would spin out--nice.
Loose dirt road, popping the cluch at 4500 rmp with no detectable wheelspin.
Had to try that 3 times just to be sure!  Wow!  Nice acceleration without
engine noise--had to look at the tachometer to guage when to shift--a far
cry from my '83 4000s!  I really like it. 

Now, I've got a couple of questions for those lucky 96 Q owners:

First, the blower fan seemed awfully noisy to me at high speeds, especially
with the air conditioning on--is this normal?

Do you feel you have adequate highway acceleration and low end torque?  This
is the one thing that I worry about--power.  I know it's not an S4, but it's
also not $10K more expensive.

Does the scheduled maintenance include oil changes every 3000 miles or is it
more like 6000 or 7500 miles?  I usually change the oil in my 84 4000s every
3000 miles (or more like 3 months because my odometer hasn't worked for
about 3.5 years now...)

After having the car "x" months now, what do you think of it?  I know that
an enthusiasts' group usually gives slightly skewed opinions, but I think
all of you are also sticklers for details.  What is good?  What sucks?  What
do you think should be improved?

Finally, is it worth it?  I should be able to walk away with a new A4Q,
leather, sport steering wheel, sunroof, and keyless entry for right at $28k
($400 over invoice, including $475 destination).  Good deal?  Anything
better deals out there?  Anything better for the $$$?

Thanks for the input.  This is my first new car purchase (first car purchase
in 10 years!!), and I'm a bit nervous.

Achille Riviello
'83 4000s, 200+k miles
potential A4Q