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Re: 1990 Coupe Q brake failure light & idle.

Hairy green toads from Mars made SaamG@aol.com say:

> My 1990 Coupe Quattro's brake warning light (no, not for the e-brake) comes
> one and stays on after I start the car.  I back the car out of the garage,
> and when I start to roll forward, it turns off.

Do you have the 20V engine? Angela's '90 90Q20V does the same thing.
After the dealer replaced the bomb under warranty, the time got shorter
(maybe 30 seconds instead of 60), but it's still there while we roll
down the driveway.  It seems to just be a foible of these cars.

> ALSO-  Steve Taub's brilliant mechanics were not able to reproduce a problem
> that is now getting worst.  The car's idle is unstable and drops when I come
> to a stop, especially during parking manuvers.  They said no vacuum leak, and
> the idle stabilizer was changed about4 months ago (again, under warranty).
> The car now takes 2 cranks to start when it's warm and SOMETIMES comes close
> to stalling after certain manuvers.

Again, Angela's 90Q20V is doing the same thing. I've checked the ISV, no
luck. I'm thinking it's the deceleration switch on the throttle, or
maybe a fuel pressure problem?  Does your car stall at all? Hers does,
especially when rolling to a quick stop.


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