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Re: 4KQ stress bar- SPARCO source?

At 08:43 AM 9/26/96 -0500, you wrote:
>> BUZZZZZ.  I've always wanted to do that!  Anyway, the stock 15x8 Ronal
>> wheels for the QTC DO have an offset of 45mm.  That's no typo.  35mm with
>> a 8" wide wheel is better for clearance though on a lowered non-fender
>> rolled TQC.
>I find this puzzling since an 8" wheel with a 35mm offset will come closer
>to the outer fender lip (by 10mm) than one with a 45mm offset ... negative
>offset wheels move further out, not in, as the offset is reduced.  Are you
>sure it's 45mm and not, say, 24mm?  ;^)

Well color me stupid!  You're correct.  It's the 15x7 Fuchs that have the
45mm offset. The 15x8 Ronals ARE 24mm offset.  Just checked my spreadsheet,
and I had the columns transposed!

My apologies to all on the list.

John Karasaki

Quattro Club (regional & national) member