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RE: A4Q Rear Tire Clearance

>EC has the ugly Zagato SZ 5/5 wheels on their A4, and they are only available
>in 17x8 (so im betting thats what they have!!). They also have Pirelli P7000
>super sport tires on it which smallest 17" size is 235/45. So at least we
>know this size is possible. 
> -reiner
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>Dan Masi writes:
>> Just wondering if this is true for all quattros,
>> or if it's A4Q-only.
>> I was looking at my rear wheels, and noticed that
>> a suspension link comes upward from behind the tire,
>> bends up over the tire, then continues upward and
>> outward.  There is *very* little clearance between
>> this link and the tire... I couldn't get a finger
>> between them.
>Yes, this is A4Q only for the time being, I believe.
>The A4Q has a double-wishbone setup on the rear and
>the link you are talking about is the vertical link
>between the upper and lower wishbones.
>Others have successfully installed 225/50-16 tires on
>the stock 7x16 wheels on A4Qs, and I presume this is
>the widest tire that can fit...
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