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RE: A4Q Rear Tire Clearance

Its quattro :-)
I just checked an you are right! That fit is _very_ tight. The total
diameter of the stock 205/55 16's is 24.87", and 235/45 17's would bring
that number up to 25.32" (+1.3 cm). I am quite sure that this would
still fit within that clearance (or at least it did for ec's A4q), and I
have also seen a A4q with 205/60 stock tires ?!? (total diameter of
25.69"). Hmmmm.

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>Sent: 	Thursday, September 26, 1996 8:58 AM
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>Subject: 	Re: A4Q Rear Tire Clearance
>On Sep 26,  8:43am, Reiner Fink wrote:
>> Subject: RE: A4Q Rear Tire Clearance
>> I would like to get a 17x8 rim size (all of the above are) so
>> that I can use 235/45 size tires
>If you have a non-quattro A4, no problem.  If it's quattro,
>though, you may be out of luck.  Go out to your car,
>reach into a rear wheel well, and slide your
>hand along the top inner edge of the tire.  You'll hit
>a control arm with maybe a cm of clearance between it and
>the tire.
>Dan Masi
>'96 A4Q