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    I sometimes spend my days wishing I was passing more of my time in some
of the more far flung corners of the list family like the southwest,
Colorado, upper penninsula etc.  But today was pay back.  Walked outside
the office and in the middle of Rockefeller center are some of the cars
that even millionaires dream about. 
     Ur Testarossa's, one off Pierce Arrows, Piquet/Sullivan McLaren, a
barchetta, Ur 300-SL, bird cage Maseratis/OSCA?, one of 2 Gran Sport
Corvettes, Chrysler T&C's, Imperials and of course the Prowler and the 3000
showcar.  RR's Bentleys, Astons and a few 50s-60's Indy cars.etc.... 
   I understand they will be shown thru Sat-Sun.  With the sound and lights
they are setting up I'm sure there will be strong media coverage, but I
would recommend anyone close by to come into town to see them personnally
<1hr train ride from exit 3 on rt 95 in CT.  Outside of a PB concourse, I
doubt you'd see a collection like this in one place.   
   Audi content:  saw a nice 85 TQC on the Merritt last nite, Blk w beige
interior, got off in Stamford couldn't get the drivers attn.  If your a
lister I was driving the curious 70 vette roadster!  The TQ had a bike rack
and looked awesome for a daily driver, good to see someone still using it