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The '85 ur for sale.

Okay okay okay okay.

Everybody just calm down. Slow, deep breaths. Okay?

Here's the deal. I love this car more than life itself and if there was
any way for me to keep it, I would.

Here's an ad I've composed, but I have yet to post it anywhere. I'd personally
like to sell it to one of you guys becuase I would be able to rest easy 
knowing it has a good home and an owner that appreciates it.

'85 ur-quattro. 83K miles. All options except sunroof. Black leather interior
and original Stone Grey Metallic paint in great shape. All the work's been
done: New engine mounts, transmission mounts, and diff mounts. 4 new REAL
strut mounts included. New brakes throughout with dual piston fronts.
All vacuum line and clamps replaced with OE German. All sensors and senders
recently replaced. Redline gear oil throughout. Mobil 1 since owned (57K).
New clutch. Recent hydraulic and FI system maintenance. Relayed European head-
lights. Euro bumpers front and rear, with relayed fogs in the front bumper.
Intended Accelleration Stage II computer in the car, complete, unmodified
original computer included. Scorpion SS center exhaust, new complete factory
system included (rear piece is on car). 7x15 Fuchs 5-spoke wheels with Blizzaks
included (car has 8x15s with Sport 8000s). Original bumpers, lights, and many
other parts included. Schrick cam (never installed) included. Evolution 3 car
cover included. Mountain of records, documentation, and parts sources included.
I do NOT want to sell this car, but recent circumstances force me. Get
EVERYTHING for $17K or best offer. Selling to good home only. Located
near Boston, MA. (508)251-1482 6-10PM EST. Car can be seen in latest Quattro
Quarterly or at http://www.win.net/~audvid/urq2.gif

I'm willing to deal on it A LITTLE for one of my fellow q-listers. And as God
is my witness I WILL own another someday...

Bryan Gunn                  Email: bgunn@voicetek.com 
Voicetek Corporation          Tel: 508.250.7998
19 Alpha Road                 Fax: 508.250.9378
Chelmsford, MA  01824