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Re: Why glass, when there's fibre!

>      Hey gang,
>          I talked to a friend the other night and he told me that Ivor at TAP
>is comming out with a lot of carbon-fiber parts for the 5000 series cars, inclu
>ding a hood (aprox $600) with vents in it, and a carbon-fiber trunk as well.

>He is also supposedly working on other body panels, like the flared fenders,
>but I've heard rumors that another listmember is already working on that.

Well, you are correct Dan... our very own Todd Candey is working
on his 'Composite Garage' venture.  (He has a temporary web
site within the Audi Registry ad section.)   Ivor at TAP is
also planning on buying some of Todd's stuff (as well as
importing some of it).  

>Perhaps he'd care to give some info on how that's comming?

Ask Todd... ;)   I did talk to Ivor briefly yesterday about his
web site and he was telling me a little about what he's got in
the works.   I WON'T go into detail with it on the list... I'd
probably get the flame throwers if I did that.  ;)



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