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Re: Extraterrestrial Audi?

Anthony K.B. Chan wrote:
> Haggins, Robin Master's butler in Magnum P.I. always drives a 5000s. I
> think in the older episodes he drives a first generation 5000s turbo then
> in the newer episodes he drives a 84' or 85' 5000s turbo, I can't quite
> figure out which year but I am pretty sure is either 84'or 85' since it
> has the 4 squares headlights.

Yeah, I remember that!!!  They wrecked that sucker about every other episode, and blew 
it up a couple times too!!!  Audis sure are durable.   :)  

That's when Audi was selling 74,061 (1985) units a year in North America.  Other sales 
data (from Autoweek Sept 30, 1996):

lowest sales 1991: 12,283  :(
1994 sales:   12,575
1996 forecast: 25,000  :)

Percent of US luxury car market:  1.3% in 1994,  2.9% first six mos of 1996   :)
Quattro sales as a % of total model mix:  23% in 1994,  65% YTD 1996!!!  8)