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Re: Snow tires

From: "Bruce Bell" <bbell@csn.net>

>> So.. none of that. I think I've come across 3 names that stick in my
>>mind from the list: Nokias NRWs, Michelin Alpins, and Hakkas. 
>Has anyone tried the Dunlop Graspics (sp?)  They "look" like a similar
>compound to the Blizzak.  Unlike the Blizzak they don't turn into
>all-season after 20k mi. Their price looks good - how is the tire? 

Um, for anyone that wants to try them out, I picked up a set of four
mounted on Q-wheels for my wife's car. I put my summer tires on these
Q-wheels (the BBS OEMs) and my winter tires (Hakka 10s) on the stock alloys
(flat dish 200 style wheel). So I've got an extra set of snow tires just
waiting  to be installed on a Quattro.

Size is 205/60/15. Mileage unknown, but looks to be minor (I bought the
wheels/tires in the spring and I think this may have been the first year
for them...)

Value? Unknown. Make me a reasonable offer. Prefer to sell locally (Boston

Drop me a note at wheelman@shore.net if you're interested...


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