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Re: Quattro, ur-quattro and TQC?

I am somewhat surprised to hear of No 2., have never seen one,
However there are also some ( rare ) short wheelbase Quattro 
Coupes around, and I would like to get more information about them.


From: Mike <mike@padd.press.net>
To: Ian Gregory <quattro@innotts.co.uk>
Cc: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject: Re: Quattro, ur-quattro and TQC?
Date: Thursday, September 26, 1996 2:59 AM

On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Ian Gregory wrote:

> There is a thread in progress at the moment.  The gist is:
> There are essentially 3 different Coupé Quattros
> 1.      Quattro Coupé Turbo (Flared Arches)
> 2.      Quattro Coupé Turbo (Non-Flared Arches)
> 3.      Quattro Coupé (Non-Turbo, Non-Flared Arches)
> No 1 is normally the one in mind when the designation ur quattro is used.
> I havn't met no 2, but Phil Payne has.  I maintain that no 3 is quite
> common in the UK, but Phil Payne disagrees.  In the US they are trying to

I have never seen or heard of a `number 2' version, but I have seen 
stacks of the `number 3' cars. The guy who I went to Woburn with last 
Saturday has just sold one, and I know of at least 5 ppl who have owned one