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Re: Sub frame bushings

Hi Paul

>I had this problem on my 80q.  When I bought the car it had two broken
> front springs.  The original replacements (cheap and cheerful) used to
> shift slightly when turning and produced a clunk.  The replacements I
> have now (PI) are fine.

I have conflicting reports about PI Springs.  Some love em and some hate
em. Phillip Ross in Edinburg had a bad experience with them, other I have
spoken to with other cars swear by them (Care to comment Phillip?).  What
do you think?  I need to replace my front nearside spring eventually so I
will be looking at a pair.  I can get OEM (Boge) springs for GBP50 each
(anybody know a better deal?), wich don't lower the car.  I think the car
is low enough considering the amount of Speed humps in Nottingham, and I
don't want to have to replace the shocks as well because they are in good

Ian Gregory

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