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RE: Quattro, ur-quattro and TQC?

There are several variants.  The best known is the true 'Sport' - just under 
200 originally made it to customers, although the precise numbers vary 
depending on exactly how and where you draw the line.  A number of ur-quattros 
have been shortened into 'pseudo-Sports' - some of these lost AWD in the 

No AWD? HAH! Whattahjoke! It's not even quattro......

The Sport is an unrefined, hairy machine.  I stood in a field last weekend with 
13 or 14 of the beasts (and 60+ ur-quattros) talking to their owners and 
drivers. It's best described as a well-built kit car.  It's also quite 
uncomfortable to drive long distances because it pitches fore and aft a lot, 

Ditto. From what I've heard the ur-q is definitely the better street-machine.