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NASCAR nattering

I too have tired of the p****** match over NASCAR.  But before we rush
in to assert that NASCAR has no place in our little corner of the
e-world, consider the following:

I don't give a darn about NASCAR.  But as a nearly 30-year-veteran of
the news media who has traveled and worked worldwide and developed a
genuine interest in and love of the automotive world, I have never seen
a phenomenon like the tremendous growth of and interest in all things
NASCAR.  I cannot help but think that involving more people of all kinds
and automotive/racing interests, will in the long run make our
experience -- Audi quattro and otherwise -- richer, more diverse and
more interesting for all of us.  Yes, even though we may have to suffer
through occasional p****** matches.  Might we not be pleasantly
surprised to find a few years from now that we've made some great
friends through NASCAR types?

Finally, any suggestion that our ongoing dialogue, yet alone any other
on the 'Net, should be determined according to certain Politically
Correct rules of engagement (notice that I did not say censorship), is
far more offensive than the endless nattering over NASCAR to which we've
been subjected in recent days.

Knock it off!