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RE: Gremlins knocking on cold start

On Fri, 27 Sep 1996, Preferred Customer wrote:

> I've had a mysterious random knock on cold start-up and wonder if anybody 
> has some insight.  It's on my '88 80q.  
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> Poking around under hood at cold start, it almost sounds like the noise 
> is at the rear of the engine, the distributor maybe?  If so, why only at 
> dead cold?  And why did it go on a month's hiatus after above said work?
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> Jeff
> Distributor. At least that's what is wuz on my hi-miles 85 ur-q. Dunno why only when dead cold, but I had the identical symptoms and replacing the dist cured it 100%

Auxillary vacuum pump. Check it by removing the rod and seeing if it 
goes  away.


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