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Re: Qlist Comments

Hi, Tom, you are asking:

>The little bit of research I have done indicates that the Nokia NRW is
>more an all season tire while the NR09 (or NR10) Haaka is the snow tire.
>Did you consider both before going with the NRW's? 

Correct. I asked Greg Galinsky of G&G about various Nokias he was selling, 
and he suggested: 
a)Hakkas if I were planning some serious snow plowing
b)NRWs if I were mostly to drive in the slush

I figured in the wimpy winters we have here in Philly (yes, yes the last one
also) the NRW would do just fine. I was right. Hakkas would've been an overkill.

It was so much fun to pass a caravan of carefully crawling Land Bruisers and
Path Losers outside their trail, in the virgin snow almost 1m deep. I had to 
turn the wipers on since the wave of snow was rolling over the hood onto the 

>Also since you live nearby (I'm in Bethlehem) can you recommend somewhere 
>that carries the Nokia's?

No one that I know of. Call around, though...