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Re: Audi parts @ Radio Shack?

Hi, Donald,

>Small side note: The relays in the fuse block are avalible at Radio 
>Shack, simple called "Automotive Relay" or something like that. They even 
>have the same numbers for the terminals! Also have a neat little puller
> things to make them easier to remove.

Sorry for a little correction:

The "Automotive Relay" from Radio Shock has only 4 contacts: 85,86,- coil, 
87,30-normally open(NO).

Some of the relays used in our cars have 5 contacts: 85,86,- coil, 
87,30-normally open(NO), 87,87A-normally closed(NC).

There are far better sources of electrical/electronic components than Radio 
Shock: Digi-Key, Mouser, Hosfelt, New Ark to name a few.