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RE: S4 to S6 changes

He should have told mother-in-law that he used the wood for the 
hardwood floor in the living room since that is where it belongs. 


On Sat, 28 Sep 1996 a6561TB@gnn.com wrote:

> Hi Doug:
> >
> >Igor sez:
> >>I am thinking about buying an S4 sometime next spring, probably of a '93
> >>vintage almost solely because of the beautiful carbon fibre trim.
> >
> >Igor, all of the S4's I've seen have the elm(?)/wood trim.  Was there many 
> >that had the carbon fibre?  I've seen photos in EC of tuner specials with 
> >the carbon fibre, but have yet to see one here.
> >
> >Inquiring minds, etc.
> In '93 Audi fearlessly conducted a bold experiment: will us in the colonies 
> accept this elegant european hi-tech craze of the 90s - the carbon fibre 
> trim. Alas, it has failed miserably.
> As an Audi salesman put it to me recently: The guy takes his mother-in-law 
> for a ride in his new S6 and she askes him: how come this $50000 car does 
> not even have the wooden trim on it?
> What is he supposed to answer!?
> Sh*t, what a dumb reason. If you can afford a $50K car you probably can 
> afford not to answer to anyone.
> Oh well....
> Igor Kessel, Phila PA, USA
> a6561TB@gnn.com
> "Why would anyone in the right state of mind buy just a car,
> when the mankind has invented a QUATTRO!"