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Re: 86 5KCSQ clutch or shift linkage?

On Sat, 28 Sep 1996, Barry Wolpoff wrote:

> Hi. I recently bought a 86 5KCSQ with 121,000.  The owner claimed to have
> replaced the clutch, pressure plate, through-out bearing and spigot
> bearing.  I bought the car cheap because he could not get the shift linkage
> adjusted correctly.  Either can I.  I've got the two volume Bentely and I
> know my way around most cars.  I have been doing drivability, AC, and
> electrical at a Chrysler store for 14 years. (Incidentally, the dealer
> bashing on this list gets old. Not ALL Audi techs can possibly be as bad as
> some might think.) Anyway, my clutch will not fully release and I can't get
> reverse with out heavy grinding unless I turn the car off. I have power
> bled the hydraulics and taken the shift adjustment as close as I can get.
> Any suggestions?  Thanks 

That sounds to me like a sticky pilot bearing which should have been
replaced when they did the clutch.  Since it isn't easy to remove without
the right tool, I would bet they didn't replace it.  I've seen that happen
before on RX7s.  I hope that isn't the case, but if it is, its just
another example of dishonest mechanics.  It happens so often to my
friends, and people I talk to, I have no alternative but to suspect them
first.  I know there are good mechanics out there.  I just haven't met
very many.  The best mechanics I know are making their bread at other
things like engineering, racing, etc. 

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