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Re: 5ks high beam switch Ron Angert

At 12:24 PM 9/28/96 +0000, you wrote:
>I hope that I am picking up on all the abbreviations you guys throw around -
>maybe there is a FAQ for them ;) urQ is really a mystery to me, I think I've
>figured out the rest.
>My 88 5k has only hi beamns when the lights are on.  The guy who sold it to
>me said it was the hibeam relay (like my old VWs had) but I see that this
>thing does seem to have a hibeam relay.  Is the switch in the column the
>culprit?  Is it a horror to replace?
>Thanks in advance.
>Ron Angert              N4AJT
>1743 Fairview Church Rd   Riner VA 24149 
>"He who rows the boat seldom has time to rock it..."
If you pull carefully and hold the high beam lever on the steering column
combination swith towards you ( the driver )slowly , and the headlights
switch to low beams while you hold the lever at that position , and when you
release it (the lever) the lights go back to high beam, you have a broken
spring inside the combination switch. The easiest solution is to replace the
combination switch.
If that is the case send me a message and I will provide some advice on how
to go about replacing it. It is not difficult at all !