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Quattro's offered up in the Povidence Sunday paper

Hi Gang,

	Well friends, once again some quattro's have surface here in the Rhode
Island sunday paper. There haven't been any for a while. I am posting these
just as they appear in the paper; I've seen neither of these cars and do not
know their owners, nor have I talked to 'em about their cars.

	AUDI: 1986 4000 CS-Quattro, White/Red leather, 5 speed, $4250. Trail
	      401-438-7080 #14

	AUDI: 1987 5000 CS Turbo Quattro. 4dr, 5 speed, 1 meticulous ower.
	      loaded, service records, high mi, flawless $2750. 

	I hope this helps any of you in the NorEast who may be looking for a
"Q" for the impending winter.

					Happy motoring,


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