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Re: S4 to S6 changes

> ----------
> > From: Nivi@aol.com
> > To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> > BTW, has anyone verified that the 95.5 S6's have the xenon lights?? Seen
> them
> > in Europe, but not over here - don't xenon's have the bluish tint?
> Hmm..let me see the manuals do not go into specific detail, but the lights
> do have a 
> bluish tint, not however as blue as the 96 Porsche Turbos.   My guess is
> no, but I'll check
> and send mail.

Xenon lights will all have a bluish tint relative to standard bulbs.
This all has to do with the fact that different sorts of bulbs give off
light with different spectra; they're classified by "color temperature",
based on where the spectrum peaks.  Xenon gives off light that is very
much like sunlight; incandescent bulbs give off a much more reddish tint.

You're not conscious of the reddishness of incandescent bulbs because
your brain adjusts your perception of "white" to the ambient light.
Xenon will appear blue when you've adapted to incandescent light, just
as sunlight appears blue when you look out the window at dusk.

If you have any photos in mixed light you can also see this effect.
Photos taken solely under incandescent light are corrected back to true
white in the printing, so you wouldn't normally see this on film either.
It is very evident with slide film.

A *good* photography book will explain all this if you're curious.
Xenon's major application is in camera flashes.