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Re: tires

Hey all,
I have been catching up on old digests, and noted the string(s) on tires
recently. FWIW, I mounted 225/50 ZR-16 Dunlop D40's on my A4. Good clearance,
amazing improvement in handling. Slightly harsher ride and mildly increased
road noise are the only side effects.
Due to this upgrade I have the stock RS-A's for sale if anyone wants them.
Make an offer, they have about 14K miles on them and are in good shape.
I also have a set of 205/55 HR-16 Goodyear Eagle GW's that I purchased for
last winter in Vermont. They got me up the mountain many a time. They only
have 3700 miles on them and are currently languishing with me here in sunny
San Diego where I doubt they'll see snow. It did mist heavily here last week

96 A4q
92 CBR600 F2

"Speed doesn't kill, speed differential does."