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Re: running rough

On Tue, 1 Oct 1996, Michael J Myers wrote:

> Getting the quattro set for winter has come to a halt.  I alot of stuff, 
> unfortunately.  Here's what I've done:  new cap, rotor, wires, Bosch 
> silver spark plugs, timing belt, took entire intake apart except turbo, 
> manifold and air box/fuel distributor.
> 	What it's doing now:  it's hard to start, can get it to run, but 
> I can't let it try to settle into an idle, it will die.  Slow to rev up 
> and down.  Occasionally sounds like it's backfiring when I let the rpm's 
> dip down and try to catch it.  No trouble code on computer.

If you did your timing belt, sounds like cam timing... assuming you didnt 
take out your distributor, or didnt mark your wires when you replaced 
them... :)

> 	Questions:  Bently manual says mark on sprocket should align up 
> with cylinder head cover gasket.  On my car this is between teeth on the 
> belt.  Tried it either way, no luck.  Which is the correct way?

The mark on the cam sprocket is on the BACKSIDE of the sprocket, is that 
the one you aligned it with? Easy mistake, as there is one on the front 
too. I lost a whole afternoon on that one!

> PS  Bob D'Amato's method of using the starter and brakes to loosen and 
> tighten the vibration dampner bolt works great.  Just make sure your 
> battery is fully charged.

Thanks! :)


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