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Re: Fwd: Audi news....

> >>helped repair its image battered in the early 1990s over safety 
> >>>questions in the U.S. 
> >>
> >>What safety questions are they talking about?  This was news to me. My 
> >>
> They are probably referring to a time years ago when Audi had the ability of
> the automatic transmission to slip into gear, inadvertently. Remember? They
> fixed it so that you had to step on the brake to put the car into gear...
OOOPS!  I think you've got the wrong four letters!  FORD had such a problem,
AAMOF the auto shop teacher at my high school was pinned against the wall and
killed by a Ford.  I've also heard rumors that P-928s can do this, but never
heard that about Audi.  You are probably referring to the dreaded "Unintended
Acceleration" claimed by Consumer Reports and 60 Minutes [oh my, what will the
Audi gods do to me now?]  In the final analysis the problem was determined to 
be operator error, perhaps accentuated by high idle speeds.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose,  CA (USA)