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Audi S8 and Duo

Hi all,

>From this week's AutoBild magazine:

The new Audi S8 will be available in Germany soon. It will have the 340bhp
V8 instaed of 300bhp, manual 6spd transmission instead of auto, and a
0-60mph time of 5.5 sec. (Only the Porsche Carrera's faster here).
The only distinguishing features on the outside are the Avus 18in wheels
and polished alloy door mirrors. The grill has received some attention as
well. Interior is the usual wood 'n' leather affair. Prices are from DM
130k ($ 82k) as opposed to DM 112.5k ($ 71k) for the regular A8.

Also announced is the hybrid Audi A4 Avant 'duo'. In the front is a 90bhp
direct-injection diesel engine, and in the rear a 29bhp electric motor. For
highway use the car is propelled by the diesel engine, which automatically
switches to the electric motor for low-speed use, such as in built-up areas
or traffic jams. Audi's succeeded in using only one (manual) transmission
for both motors, replacing the clutch with an automatic item.

So Audi's into 'remote emission vehicles' as well... Hmm...

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