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Re: xenon vs standard

Hi Ed,

Xenon can indeed be distinguished by the bluish tinge, as well as by a
thick convex lens in front of the bulb, behind the actual headlight glass.
This focuses the beam. Xenon lights are extremely effective, but are mostly
perceived as irritating by other drivers because of the high intensity.

Bye, Tom
1988 80 1.8S
>From: ets@wrkgrp.com (Edward T Spire)
>Date: Mon, 30 Sep 96 14:39:52 CDT
>Subject: Re: quattro-digest V3 #1108
>>From: Nivi@aol.com
>>Date: Sun, 29 Sep 1996 11:12:06 -0400
>>Subject: Re: S4 to S6 changes
>>BTW, has anyone verified that the 95.5 S6's have the xenon lights?? Seen them
>>in Europe, but not over here - don't xenon's have the bluish tint?
>I looked in the manual that came with the car and they do not specify
>anything unusual as a replacement bulb for the headlights.  On the
>other hand, this book they gave me was for the 1995 model, and
>apparently they didn't reprint it for the short 1995.5 run.  The book
>still describes the 1995 features, and omits the new for 96 featres.
>For example, the differential lock switch is still documented.
>So how can I tell easily?

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