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In the Market for an A4Q

Hello all,

This is my first posting to the Quattro list. My wife and I are
considering an A4 Quattro as our next car (w/in the next six months, to
replace our Acura Integra SE). I just had a couple of questions
regarding the A4's standard and optional accouterments. 

First, does anyone know what the standard stereo's specifications are? I
know it comes standard with six speakers, but what's the wattage? Also,
what is the wattage of the Bose system upgrade? I understand it drives 4
additional speakers so there must be some increase in power...
www.audi.com has detailed specs on everything but the stereo.

Second, and more importantly, is handling. The reason we're considering
an AWD is because our Integra has a habit of slipping out from under us
in wet conditions. I've read the posts, and all are agreed that handling
is vastly improved over a FWD with the Quattro system. Why then are the
roadholding (sometimes referred to as lateral acceleration)
specifications typically below the average car? Motor Trend online rates
the A4Q at .80g, which is very low compared to other cars (including the
Integra!). Would tire size improve this performance? Are there any
recommendations on a make and model of tire good for all-weather

Any and all responses would be greatly appreciated. I'm on the digest
version of the list, or you can mail me directly as MLekas@microsoft.com