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Re: In the Market for an A4Q

> This is my first posting to the Quattro list. My wife and I are
> considering an A4 Quattro as our next car (w/in the next six months, to
> replace our Acura Integra SE). I just had a couple of questions
> regarding the A4's standard and optional accouterments. 

Since Michael has started the ball rolling, I thought I'd add a few 
questions of my own......
I'm new to the list & apologize in advance if these have been covered 
What kind of aftermarket performance upgrades are available
 for the A4???

I previously owned an ' 88 90Q and loved the car except for the lack 
of acceleration.... I've driven a couple of A4Qs and I'm still a 
little underwhelmed with their performance... can this be 
improved for a reasonable price?   

I recently read that the S4 will be available in the US late next 
year... is it worth waiting for??? Any ideas what it will cost?

Steve Miller

'95 RX7 
'93 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4X4 
'67 FIAT Dino Coupe