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Re: A4Q break-in: first oil change, etc.

On Oct 1,  3:56pm, Psycho Bob wrote:
> Subject: Re: A4Q break-in: first oil change, etc.
> >Well, it seems that the opinions differ dramatically on this one point of
> >the A4Q break-in issue.  The service manager at my dealership says:
> >"Do not change the oil before the 7500 check-up.  The factory oil has
> >additives in it that aid in the break-in of the engine.  Also, Audi has just
> >issued a factory bulletin stressing that the oil *not* be changed before the
> >7500 mile check-up."
> I sure would like to know what this miraculous additive is. Without
> knowing it (or existance of it), I'd say he's just trying to get
> you to follow the standard schedule.

Why would he care if you don't follow the schedule and decide
to do an extra oil change on your own???