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RE: In the Market for an A4Q

Have a look at the new european car - there's a writeup on their long
term A4q. They absolutely love the handling to death.
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>> Second, and more importantly, is handling. The reason we're
>> considering an AWD is because our Integra has a habit of
>> slipping out from under us in wet conditions. I've read the
>> posts, and all are agreed that handling is vastly improved
>> over a FWD with the Quattro system. Why then are the
>> roadholding (sometimes referred to as lateral acceleration)
>> specifications typically below the average car? Motor Trend
>> online rates the A4Q at .80g, which is very low compared to
>> other cars (including the Integra!).
>I'm sure you'll get a better and more specific answer from
>someone else.  I'll just say that "handling" is something that's
>difficult to pin down, and is much more than just a static
>measure of maximum lateral acceleration.  Someone here just
>recently was talking about AWD being superior in throttle
>transitions, as the sudden application (or deapplication)
>of power is spread to 4 wheels, lessening the tendency
>to break loose.  Another example is torque-steer... drive
>even the non-quattro A4 next to the Integra, and apply
>power during turns.  The A4's revolutionary new geometry
>up front all but eliminates any torque-steer.