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Re: For yoo who change yer own engine oil, becareful!

[from the vigilante Pyscho Bob]

I use a small funnel due to my inability to pour.(That's not a nasty oil
stain down the side of the block and on the front of the exhaust manifold.

The small funnel has a small neck so hopefully 'oil additives' as P. Bob
has mentioned will be caught.

Hope it's not time to gauze filter oil before we use it. Sigh!

>I just changed the engine oil with Mobil-1. When I was dunking down the
>3rd bottle and talking it out after emptying it, I found a darn plastic
>piece dangling right at the mouth (of engine oil mouth). This is not the
>plastic that comes off of the cap, but rather rougue plastic from
>manufacturing of the bottle (gray, in case of Mobil-1 bottles). Thank
>goodness it was in "S" shape, and got caught at the mouth...