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Re: N.E. Listers Gathering

Hairy green toads from Mars made Richard Davis say:

>     It is my intention to join in a procession of certain like minded Audi
> automobiles, and their owners (read any Audi) in a 60 mile procession from
> about Manchester N.H. to this fabled stretch of road till its terminus is
> reached in North Conway N.H..  The date for this trespass into the "Audi
> Zone" is open, I put it to you that sooner rather then later is better. Mid
> Oct - early Nov?  Departure time needs to be planned to avoid to many leaf
> peepers, though I suspect peak is now   

I'd be up for this. Would you believe that living in NH for half of
my life, I've never driven the Kanc?!?


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