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Re: Brake Replacement Time

Hairy green toads from Mars made Mike Thomas say:

> Well, I guess it had to happen.  After three years of full warranty
> coverage, the Audi Gods are demanding their first sacrifice.  After
> getting the 90Q out of summer storage several weeks ago, I noticed a
> less-than-subtle pulsation in the brakes.  The local Audi service
> manager indicates that the front rotors and pads have rusted
> sufficiently to pit the metal and reduce braking effectiveness (the
> rears seem to be okay).  Cost of replacement is approximately $700 (OE
> rotors are about $450; pads $150; balance is labor).

YOW! Don't let this dealer touch the car!

A pair of front rotors from Imparts is less than $100, and pads are
about the same. I heartily recommend the Repco Deluxe Organic (not
the MetalMasters which have been talked about a lot).  I have these
on my '89 100Q, and they are great for a daily driver. Silent, not
a speck of dust, very good smooth stopping power, little fade. Much
better that the OEM stuff at 25% of the cost.


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