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Suspension arm bushings

Hi folks,

A while back there was a discussion about control arm bushings for 4000/ur
quattros. Unfortunately all my saved email was blown away a while ago. 

Was there a change in the suspension arm bushings when Audi revised the
suspension in these cars in mid-'84 (or whenever)? I recall that the 
earlier suspension (with rear sway bar) uses suspension arm bushings
with part number 857-XXX-XXX. The suspension arm bushings in the later
cars (with no rear sway bar) had part number 811-XXX-XXX. I think the "811"
bushings are a better design that lasts longer. The "857" bushings can be
used in the later suspension, but the "811"s can't go into the earlier cars.

Is this in fact true and if so, what is the rest of the "811" part number?
Hans? Are you reading this? (Sorry to bug you about it again).

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