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4KCSQ trans oil

Hey, thanks for the post.
qustion, what were the tips that you got.  I too, replaced the oil in my
transmission and two differentials.  The rear was easy, but the front trans, and
then drain into the middle differential took a while.  When done, for the two
fill areas and the three components, rear Diff, center diff and trans. took just
over 3.5 quarts of Mobil 1 synthetic 75w-90.  This was with a little spillage.
I posted a post on the site, and asked if this was enough.  I waited about 15
minutes, filled the trans again - to get the oil to the center diff, and then
waited again, and topped off.  someone recommended maybe tilting the car on the
side.  I forwent this and figured that it was full.
What is your recommendation?  Do I need more.  How can one check this.  I have
been driving for about 150 miles since it was done, and have been listening for
any strange sounds, but I guess if I did hear them, it would be too late.
Thanks for the advice.
Nick out