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Kancamangus Run!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Folks,

 The man from NYC (get a rope) is dead on correct.  The "Kanc" is a truly   
wonderful stretch of road..............
 Let me add.....there is yet another road...even more attuned to the   
"Audi Zone" which can be included at no extra cost and not to to   
exclusion of the "Kanc."
 When you leave the "Kanc" on the East side it intersects with NH Route   
16 (it's another good road) and if you go about 1 mile north you will hit   
NH State Road 153.  Route 153 is a road which is little known, fairly   
little travelled...and absolutely in league with the "Kanc" and Route 100   
in VT.
Route 153 winds roughly 40-45 miles back down to Route 16 (which gives   
access back to 101 to Manchester or I-95 for points south) along the   
NH/ME border.  It is a featured road in a NE Motorcycle Tours book I've   
seen recently.
 What's more....my folks have a place on a lake on 153....depending on   
the date...we could all stop there and grill some lunch/dinner and grab a   
beer (not too many, we're drivin').  What's more, the 200 yard dirt road   
to our place sucks, so you could test those Quattros.
 Let's think on this boys and girls.

Paul Royal
 90 90Q20v
 87 5Ks (248K miles+, For Sale)
 67 SS/RS 350 Camaro (Capri Cream, Power Slide, Loaded, Slow as Molasses   
in January)
 90 Suzuki VX800 (Wear a Helmet)

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