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Re: Rope-a-Dope, Again!

Mr.Stuckey wrote:
 Since the breaker bar on the crank 
pulley is a very gentle, smooth load, I think that it is still less 
dangerous to the head/piston/bearings/etc.

Remember the forces of combustion take place within a millisecond.

Piston design, wrist pin design, conrods, and bearings are designed to
operate through a very "predictable" range of operation.
These forces impossed upon the recipricating mass, during operation, is 
throughly engineered and every aspect is known and has a value given.

The pistons, piston pins, and bearings must be very carefully designed
due to the combustion forces, the requirement that pistons weight be as 
low as possable and the temperature which occur at the piston.
Piston design usually borders on piston-material strength limits.(SAE)

With this mind, why would you put anything "foreign" into the combustion
chamber to impose "unnatural stresses" on the pistons!