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Re: running rough, part II -common prollum

In a message dated 96-10-01 21:57:57 EDT, you write:

<< All the e-mail messages I got thought it was the cam timing.  So I went 
 out and I recheck everything.  Flywheel "O" mark is in the right place, 
 dot on back of sprocket is slightly above cam cover.  Pulled distributor 
 apart and the two lines in it line up.  Ran the engine for a minute and 
 got a trouble code for hall effect sensor.  Ran tests from bentley, 
 everything is ok.  Any more ideas?  Engine will start and run. Slow to 
 speed up and down.  Will not idle without stalling.  Stumbles (possibly 
 backfires) when the engine is slowing down and you open the throttle.
Move the distributor by hand until it runs fine and no 2312 code....  the
window in the distributor is not the most accurate thing, move the
distributor 1/16 of a turn one way then the other...