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God and "the gods" shine down *8^O

Well as I was clipping along to school this morning enjoying the fair
weather and my new CD at about 65-70mph, I have little Nissan truck next to
me that wants to take my spot.  I was on a two lane highway (busy at that)
and he didn't seem to notice my existence in the other lane.  Well, my only
option was to GO FOR THE SHOULDER QUICK!!!  So I fly off the lane, hit some
brakes and the horn then start to try and regain my ground as now Iwas off
the shoulder and partially into grass.  Well, it was rough and when I tried to
come back onto the highway at that speed (dumb now that I think about it)
I hit a hole or some rough patches in the grass, my car started to swerve and
I tried to regain it, but my 90 just then took off into a 360 across the 
highway onto the other shoulder.  My 90 and myself remain unscathed amazingly.
I have no idea as this was a busy highway.  I landed on the other shoulder
safely, but badly shaken.  Quite a frightening morning to say the least.
I just wonder if I had a Q if I would have spun like that?  Right about
now, I hate little red Nissan trucks ;-|
Later Guys,