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(Fwd) Re: Brake Job

>----- Forwarded message (mike tipton <mtipton@netten.net>) -----< 
Richard Davis AKA Mike Del Tergo wrote: 
> On Oct 02, 1996 12:14:11, 'mike tipton <mtipton@netten.net>' wrote: 
> Mike Tipton wrote: 
> >Plus you can do it yourself, its easy! 
> > 
> >You might to save the old one's with a resurfacing of the dicks and 
> >pads, if their not that worn! 
> > 
> >M 
>   Mike, 
>   My pads my be gone, but I hope to go many more years without a 
> resurfacing job, interesting as it may sound! 
>    Mike  
Then why did the Dealer say your brakes were pitted from rust and need  
replacement? If thats not the case you should inform the dealerships 
management of your grivence. Or better yet AOA!.... 
If yours are pitted or glazed then a slight resurface job could be
Don't get them "turned" cause often then not, too much material 
is removed. 
  Reread my excerpt of your original post very carefully, then read my
reply only carefully.  I still maintain that I would not, nor would too
many others I can think of,  care to have that particular part even
"slightly" resurfaced. (I could check with my girlfriend as she may have a
vested interest)  
   I do concur that "turning" is very unacceptable as well, I can't afford
to have 'too much'  material removed.  I want kids someday! 
If I'm not ringing any bells yet, please ask Bob D or Unka Bart for their
feelings on the subject!