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Re: <All> NTW/Tires

>I had to watch them like a hawk!  I specifically told them NOT to 
>touch my wheels with an impact wrench...AND they wrote it on the work 
>order. I also specifically instructed them to torque the lug nuts, 
>and the correct torque...also written on the work order.

Yup -- you need to watch them carefully. I had a set of Borbet Type A that
was destroyed because of this. It's not impact wrench per se, but they
DIDN'T ALIGHN THE WHEEL to the holes while they put the wheels back on --
and impact wrench did the rest. I have found *1* local tire supplier that
exclusively used hand-everything -- they specializes in custom wheels and
they told me they never used impact wrench, and I didn't see one in their
workshop. But they do charge $50 (mount tire, balance, new valves)
compared to typical $20 to $30 by other dealers. I suppose if the wheels
are expensive enough, that is really worth it.

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