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quattro torque - pitfalls of awd


so yesterday i'm at the WIZ parking lot. i park in a wide
spot across from a handicapped spot. i go to leave, and i
ponder just driving forward and out of the lot since there
was no car in the handicapped spot. i look forward and there's
no concrete "barrier" thing. i look at the rest of the lot,
none in sight. so i pull forward.


before i had realized what had happened, i was over the stupid
concrete barrier thing, and the car came back down safely, and
now i'm straddling it. turns out there *was* a concrete
thing there, only on the right side, and that's the only one
in the entire lot! funny thing was, i didn't pull out quickly
or recklessly at all, and by the time i had felt any resistance,
i was over it. weird.

if i were in a VW or some other sled, the car wouldn'n't have gone
over quite so easily. i was quite shocked.

no damage at all, so i just continued on and humped the rear right
over it, yelling "quattro" at the same time.

damned things!


bill castellano 	    	bill@tibco.com	a4 quattro	
"...ninety miles an hour, girl, is the speed i drive" - jimi hendrix