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Re: Gods and the gods...

Hey Rob, I can give you one good story about a similar situation:  My father
and I were on our way (running late as usual) to my sisters college soccer
game and we hate to miss the start so we were hustling along country
backroads (75-80mph??) in upstate NY and we were pulling out to pass this
chicane of a big old Buick station wagon when right as were halfway out into
the other lane, he JAMS on the brakes and all I see is the underside of this
guys Buick.  My father didn't even have time to brake, he just twitched way
left as a pure avoidance maneuver because now were headed for the ditch on
the left side of the road and the 90Q just stayed composed as he gave it some
steering to put us back into the correct lane.  I thought we were done for,
but the Audi stayed very composed.  Turns out a dog had run out into the road
in front of the Buick (dog lived).  I think the main factors that helped were
1) proper driving position, 2)Quattro AWD, and 3) being an alert driver.  The
Buick left some pretty long black marks and we made the start of the game.
 Chalk another up to Quattro.