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Re: N.E. Listers Gathering

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>     It is my intention to join in a procession of certain like minded Audi
> automobiles, and their owners (read any Audi) in a 60 mile procession from
> about Manchester N.H. to this fabled stretch of road till its terminus is
> reached in North Conway N.H..  The date is open, Mid
> Oct - early Nov?  Departure time needs to be planned to avoid to many leaf
> peepers, though I suspect peak is now   

Count me in, hope the date doesn't conflict with my planned Audi breakdown
between here and N.C. this month.  to avoid peepers we would be best to wait
until the leaves drop a bit - but then they're on the road (Q time!).   End
of Oct good for that.  Yahoo!

Huw Powell

82ish Coupe

PS let's print up a flyer and I'll plaster all the seacoast Audis with 'em!