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4KCSQ Antenae replace, electrical short

Okay, here is the deal, I replaced the antenae on my 4KCSQ, put in an OEM unit.
When I matched up the power and the switched leads from the radio, it didn't
work.  I had forgotten to attach the ground.  Duh.  When I attached the ground,
there was some shorting, or sparking.  Same thing happened when I attached the
antenae lead.  The big coax lead.

What happened, is that now the car doesn't remember anything.  When I opened the
door, no interior light.  When I turned the car on, the clock was reset.
Everything started up fine, but the radio wanted the CODE to be entered.  Car
drives fine, but when I shut it off, and turn it on again, everything is reset.
Clock back to OO:OO, radio needs code.  Light doesn't go on in the interior,
etc.  Turn on, start, car runs fine, turn off for more than exactly three
seconds, and everything is reset.  

Any ideas as to what this could be.  

Thanks for the tips
Nick out