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Re: Headlights on mid-80's 5000

Hairy green toads from Mars made Igor Kessel say:

> >Does anyone out there with the dual-lamp-per-side headlight setup
> >on a mid-80's 5000 have comments on the lighting?
> Yes, it was horrible, same as the trapezoidal DOT H9004 units, that followed.
> >It would be a much better alternative to $$$ for Euro-lights (even from
> >Europe, where I'll be next month).
> Nothing comes even close to the Euro-lites.

Well, after dropping $1400 on my car yesterday, I guess my Europe trip's
off. The pollen filters don't seem like they'll be as good an idea as
they sounded at first, and even if they aren't as good as Euro-lights,
the 4-lamp setup can be free from my mechanic, or from one of the listers
who wrote back to me.

I don't need stupendous, just usable.

Damn, I was really looking forward to Munich and Amsterdam....


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