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Misc. Comments...

> From: GADBOISMT@aol.com

> I just replaced my factory radio with another factory radio and the
> connections in the rear of the radio specify two antenna connections.  Are
> there actually two antenna leads or ?? I can only find one. I am not the
> original owner.

IOf it has one of the diversity radios, the original radio will have 
two antenna connections; one is white, one is black.  One goes to the 
front WS (FM only) antenna, the other to the rear window (AM/FM) 
antenna.  You should probably use the rear...the manual defines 
colors, or someone on the group can tell you  (I forget which is 
which.)  In my experience, this rear window antenna is VASTLY 
inferior to a fender-mounted power antenna, which I have in hand but 
have not yet installed on my 200 - but I will.

> From: human <human@nh.ultranet.com>

> 2 items...
> Al -
> 1.  what email program you usin'?  I like that multi reply feature......

Good old Pegasus mail for windows.  You can get it from JUMBO or 
Tucows.com (Ultimate collection of winsock software) on the web.  
it's decent, not earth-shattering.

> Anyone -
> 2.  So you are implying that I should stick with my hated 4 rectangular
> lamps in my coupe?  What about the really old 4 round lamp system - if I
> could find a set they'd screw right in, right?

Really, just replace the stock rectangular lights with Hellas, 
especially the high beams...and you will get a lot of bank for your 

> From: "frontstage" <frntstg9@allinux1.alliance.net>

> basically, i used an test light and a volt\ohm meter...the one thing i
> cannot figure out though is how the factory radio would cut off when the
> key was removed from the ignition but you could turn it back on with the
> key removed...BTW, fm reception is great, but i'm still looking for the
> antenna turn on wire because i can't get am...i miss those traffic reports
> in the morning...

It's that rear window antenna.  Kiss your AM reception goodbye until 
you put in a fender mount.

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