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Re: Harley comment

Whew!  It looks like all my efforts have not been in vain after all.  I
finally found the Harley list, even if it was by accident...

> I think Harley's engines always sounds like they are back-firing. Don't 
> these guys get a headache riding these things? ;) I hate these things pull 
> along side or behind me they sound so obnoxious. I kind of prefer the 
> sound of the BMW's inline 3 and 4 cylinders motorcycle engines, the 
> silent no fuss type.

Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart, for one, can't understand what all this ruckus
is about.  Harley's are absolutely the *best* examples of motorcycle technology 
on the road.  

Or at least, the best example of 1920s motorcycle technology, anyway...

Harley's are like the 508 series BMWs, you can always tell when you are about to
be overtaken by one (I know how absurd it is to envision being *overtaken* by 
one of these, but try to keep a straight face and envision it anyway).

Except the Bimmer whistles.  Still, the sound of the harley chain coming loose
*is* unmistakable.

And you have to admire Harley riders, what with the high cost of getting oil
stains removed from the back of your shirt/jacket/girlfriend these days...

Still, you have to admire Harley riders as a group.  Always setting a good 
example, almost never see one get a ticket.  At least, not since the speed 
limits have been raised to over 60 mph, anyway...

Ooooops, time to run, gotta go, see you later.

And thanks to Alan and Al for the tips on the Syncro's problems.  Now to find a 
virgin to sacrifice to the insatiable Audi gods...

heh heh heh...

Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart