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RE: Harley comment

>>.....because the japanese were abusing the then-open US market with
>predatory business practices, flooding the market with far more supply Vs
>demand to kill prices and dumping product on the US market at below
>cost.....please tell the whole story.....

>Say what?!?  Harley couldn't compete simply because they built an inferior
>product.  Buyers wanted machines that didn't leak, wouldn't break down on

That was my impression as well. Inferior product with excellent
marketing/legal staff. Although of somewhat of different scenerio, but
same thing happened with computer RAM chips market few years ago. U.S.
government intervention. And so is the new car sales -- that funky xx %
U.S. content thingie.

>From that, I've pretty much figured out the practice -- if we couldn't
compete with them, then change the rules. If they couldn't compete, then
just say "too bad." Although many countries also practice this kinda
attitude, I think U.S. is the one who blatently does it.

SOmewhat the same story with RAM chips. THe U.S. RAM chip companies sued
the Asian companies for dumping the goods, and wanted the government to
step in and sanction them. Well, good for U.S. RAM manufacturers -- bad
for ALL U.S. consumers. Except they left out one damn little detail -- the
U.S. RAM chip manufacturers do not sell their RAM to consumers -- they
sell to system integrators or something. THe Asain manufactuers, on the
other hand, sell almost exclusively to consumers -- another words, thier
respective markets NEVER TOUCHED EACH OTHER! In the end, we consumers paid
the price artificially inflated RAM price for damn long time.

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